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frequently asked questions

How is my editing & essay consulting service completed?

Your order will be processed by a certified Totalessay Expert in collaboration with a Totalessay Editor. This ensures that we produce the highest standards and results of the editing according to your exact requirements. Our experts hold at least Masters degrees from their respective academic fields from the top five Australian Universities. We also guarantee that our service will be quality assured. Totalessay strives to meet your exact requirements and provides you with a high quality services.

How confidential and private are your services?

Your privacy and security are our highest priorities. We guarantee total confidentiality of your personal information and that your details will not be disclosed under any circumstances. We respect and maintain the privacy of every customer. The information you submit to us is used for internal review and is then discarded. We do not reveal the customer information to any third party, including our writers or other employees within our company.

What are the qualifications of your researchers?

Our essay experts are qualitified writers, teachers and professors from the top five Australian Universities. We can write custom research papers on every subject from the Social and Natural Sciences to English Literature, Economics, Medicine and Law. Our experts hold at least Masters degrees from their respective academic fields. Many of our writers enjoy the challenge of our services and have a general love of writing.

I would like to know the methods of payment

We accept payments through paypal, direct deposit or bank transfer. We will send you our account details to your email once you submit your application with us. Please include your reference number in order for us to identify your payment. We are unable to proceed with your application until your payment is recieved. Please send us a confirmation email with your receipt number to essay@totalessay.com. Prompt payment is highly recommended in order to meet your specified due date.

How do I receive my service outcomes?

We will send your final service outcomes via email on time. Please check your Spam/Junk mail box if you did not receive it in your inbox. We would appreciate if you could send us an email confirmation of your receipt.

What is sharingpaper?

Sharing paper is the global platform for sharing the academic, professional papers and general contents. You can earn cash by simply uploading your sleeping papers in your laptop or desktop. Also, you can download multi-million papers, documents and online contents by subscribing the platform package. Sharingpaper is online academic & professional documents marketplace as well as sharing platform of p2p based online contents and intellectual property.

How can I subscribe or follow the tutor?

When you search for your on-demand papers or documents you will find your favourite writers and contents makers. You can simply push the specific topics papers, the authors, the interested stories, related major writers, academic paper creators, the writers, academic tutors and contents creators in the platform. When you follow the paper, topics and tutors or writers you will get the updates on your interested academic fields or contents by subcribing them. When you subscribe the interested tutors for online course package you will pay for monthly charge based on the tutors' rates so that you can request custom research papers or any assessment for the solutions from the tutors.

How can I upload or download papers? Can I earn money?

You can earn cash by simply uploading your sleeping papers in your laptop or desktop. Also, you can download multi-million papers, documents and online contents by subscribing the platform package. When you are uploading papers you can set the costs for the paper to get paid when it is sold by other users. The costs of each papers can be divided by the rates based each user membership level and the profits for the paper will be transferred into the user account when it is sold with site commisions deducted.

How much it will cost when I register 2courses?

When users have been decided to pay for the course package users can subscribe for the specific tutors based on the monthly subscription costs. So users can pre pay in full for the tutors course package based on the tutor's monthly cost rate then users can requests any papers or assessments during the subscription periods for free. Users are asked to pre-pay in lump-sum to make tutors schedule blocked for the periods as tutors will focus on the user's jobs on periodic exclusive contract system.

When I drop the course can I get the refund?

Unfortunately, once you registered and subscribed for the tutor's package on specific period you cannot get refund even though you dropped the course. However you can amend the schedule with the same period of duration for the free service for the tutor's package service

Would it be same cost for different subject?

The each tutor will have different monthly service costs and each tutor have different available major academic fields so the cost will be set by the tutor based subscription cost system not the subject based cost system.

How many tutors can I subscribe the maximum?

You can subscribe as many tutors as you want and even in the same subject course you can subscribe multiple tutors as you want. It means that you can get multiple solutions for one assignment from multiple tutors if you want to have different solutions or outcomes from different tutors or writers for the better achievements.